No 1.11 (2015)

Table of Contents

Guest Articles

Current approaches to the treatment of complicated pyelonephritis: protected cephalosporin use, including the combination of ceftriaxone/sulbactam PDF (Русский)
Ya.A. Dombrovskyi, M.D. Ivanova 7-11

Original Articles

Congenital Malformations of the Urinary System in Infants and Syndrome of Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Dysplasia PDF (Українська)
N.S. Lukianenko, K.A. Kens, N.A. Petritsa, O.Ya. Koroliak 12-17
Example of Renoprotective Therapy in Pediatric Nephrology: a Clinical Case PDF (Українська)
O.O. Dobryk, M.O. Sekunda 18-23
Effect of Herbal Preparation Canephron® N on the Course of Diabetic Nephropathy in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2: Results of a Comparative Cohort Study PDF (Русский)
L.P. Martyniuk, Lar.P. Martyniuk, O.A. Ruzhitskaia, Ye.S. Martyniuk 24-32

Cover story

Cardiorenal Syndrome in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease and Ischemic Heart Disease PDF (Русский)
O.M. Korzh 45-51

To Help the Practitioner

The use of nifuratel in the treatment of infections of the urinary system in gynecologic patients PDF (Русский)
M.D. Ivanova, Ya.A. Dombrovskyi 68-71

Modern Pharmacotherapy

Dialysis Therapy. Advantages of Peritoneal Dialysis in the Treatment of Chronic and Acute Renal Failure PDF (Русский)
Yu.V. Kalantarenko, Ye.V. Tomin, L.K. Sokolova 72-75

Clinical Case

Blitz-analysis of clinical observation PDF (Українська)
D.D. Ivanov, V.V. Shkarovsky 76

Postgraduate Education

Patients with Disorders of Potassium Metabolism in the Practice of a Nephrologist PDF (Українська)
O.I. Taran 86-90