No 1.15 (2016)

Table of Contents

Cover story

Central Hemodynamics and Drugs of Choice for the Correction of Hypertension in Chronic Kidney Disease PDF (Русский)
D.D. Ivanov 16-21

Original Articles

Pathophysiological and Methodological Aspects of Determining Renal Functional Reserve in Clinical Nephrology PDF (Українська)
A.V. Kravchuk, O.P. Nykytenko, V.M. Sirman, K.S. Kuznietsova, L.V. Romaniv, A.I. Hozhenko 22-27
Kidney Aspects of the Lung Cancer PDF (Русский)
Yu.V. Dumanskyi, O.V. Syniachenko, O.Yu. Stoliarova, V.A. Stepko, Ye.D. Yehudyna 28-31

Looking at the problem

Hypoxia — a Leading Factor of Chronic Kidney Disease Progression PDF (Русский)
O.Yu. Lysianska 64-66
Uric Acid and its Role in the Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease: Do We Know Enough? PDF (Українська)
L.M. Savytska 67-70
Drug Treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy on Hyperfiltration Stage PDF (Українська)
N.M. Skaliy 71-73

Clinical Observation

Acute Glomerulonephritis: Clinical and Pathologic Features (Case Report) Summary PDF (Українська)
O.O. Diadyk, L.H. Nekrasova, O.I. Taran, I.O. Siroshtanova, L.V. Kominko 89-94

To Help the Practitioner

Use of Pharmacogenotyping and Dosage of Certain Drugs in the Urology and Nephrology PDF (Русский)
А.А. Melnik 96-104

Archives of Clinical Observations

Hypomagnesemia in Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5 PDF (Русский)
Z.V. Babenko 105-106