Percutaneous Puncture Nephrostomy — Method of Choice in the Treatment of Patients with Full Obstruction in Upper Urinary Tracts and Renal Failure

S.О. Vozianov, А.А. Gorzov, М.І. Kravchenko, S.B. Maydan, P.B. Ivashchenko


There has been defined the role of percutaneous puncture nephrostomy in treatment of patients with full obstruction in the upper urinary tracts and renal failure. There has been detected the highest positive dynamics of the perioperative outcomes and the level of survival in patients treated using percutaneous puncture nephrostomy in comparison with the traditional methods of treatment for this pathology (retrograde stenting, open nephrostomy, hemodialysis). There has been substantiated the necessity for the priority usage of percutaneuos nephrostomy as an accessible, minimally invasive, with minimal number of complications and most importantly the low level of fatal outcomes (2.7 %) of method of treatment for patients with full obstruction in the upper urinary tracts and renal failure.


percutaneous puncture nephrostomy; full obstruction in upper urinary tracts; renal failure


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