The experience of the Use of Essential Amino Acids and Their Keto-analogs in Children with Chronic Kidney Disease

S.V. Kushnirenko, D.D. Ivanov


This article explored the possibility of prolonged use of low-protein diet, 0.8 g/kg/day in combination with essential keto-analogs of amino acids in children with chronic kidney disease stage 4 to maximize the predialysis period. Long-term low-protein diet in combination with amino acids keto-analogs hadn’t negative impact on laboratory indices of the nutritional status, as well as had favorable effect on the correction of metabolic acidosis and disorders of calcium-phosphorus metabolism. During intake of amino acids keto-analogs there had been marked a distinct tendency to preserve the level of creatinine and significant reduction in the level of urea in the blood serum, which helped to keep the current level of azotemia in 18 patients (90 %). In 2 patients (10 %) dialysis program had been started. In the control group by the end of the study period, the need for renal replacement therapy occurred in 4 patients (23.5 %). Dynamics of glomerular filtration rate in the two treatment groups showed a decrease in this indicator in an average of 2 ml/min per year in patients treated with low-protein diet in combination with Ketosteril, and 6 ml/min per year in the control group.


chronic kidney disease in children Ketosteril; low-protein diet


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