Effectiveness of pantocrinum in the complex treatment of chronic kidney disease

N.O. Kolomiychuk


The dynamics of chronic renal disease is presented for 25 patients, taking into account the effectiveness of Pantocrine. The study involved patients with chronic renal disease from I to V stages of different nosological reasons. The duration of the study was 8 weeks and treatment efficacy was weekly estimated. Effectiveness was assessed using the following criteria: general weakness, fatigue, exhaustion, sense of vitality and energy. According to obtained data, the effectiveness of Pantocrine in a complex treatment could be observed already from the first week of therapy. The assessment criteria used in this study show that after four weeks of treatment 20 % of patients did not experience general weakness, 40 % experienced slight general weakness, 28 % of patients did not experience fatigue and exhaustion, 40 % of patients felt burst of energy and revitalization most of the time. In addition, some of patients have noticed decrease of anxiety, despondency and depression; patients prone to hypotension observed normalization of blood pressure. Pantocrine is recommended to be included into treatment of patients with chronic renal disease.


chronic renal disease; general weakness


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