Modern Principles of Nephroprevention and Renoprotective Effects of Low-Protein Diet Using Ketoanalogues of Essential Amino Acids in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

O.I. Romadanova, Zh.D. Semidotskaia, M.A. Vlasenko, Ye.M. Vlasenko, Ye.A. Butikova


The article deals with one of the most pressing problems in nephrology — chronic kidney disease. Characteristics of risk factors for this disease, as well as the main directions of its treatment are provided. The important role of nutrition correction in the complex of treatment for chronic kidney disease is accentuated. The use of low-protein diet with inclusion of ketoanalogues of amino acids (Ketosteril) is pathogenetically substantiated that provides a renoprotective effect, gives the possibility to increase the predialysis period and improves the quality of life of patients with chronic kidney disease.


chronic kidney disease; diet; ketoanalogues of amino acids

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