he Role of Glycated Hemoglobin in the Diagnosis and Monitoring of Diabetes Mellitus

L.А. Lutsenko


Considering the prevalence of diabetes mellitus, the possibility of early and rapid progression of its complications, a large number of undiagnosed cases and disappointing prognosis of the World Health Organization on the prospects of diabetes mellitus spreading in the world, timely and accurate diagnosis of carbohydrate metabolism disorders is important. The glycated hemoglobin is an indicator that, while using the standardized methods, provides an integrated view of the glycemia level during a long period of time and helps to detect timely the carbohydrate metabolism disorders. While using the glycated hemoglobin as a diagnostic criterion of carbohydrate metabolism disorders or degree of diabetes mellitus compensation, the correct approach to the choice of the method of this index determination, considering its analytical reliability, is important.


diabetes mellitus; glycated hemoglobin; glycation; glycemic control


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