Blitz-analysis of clinical observation

D.D. Ivanov, V.V. Shkarovsky


Personal clinical observation analysis of the woman 30 years old taking for the last 8 years from 40 to 500 mg of furosemide to lose weight was presented. At the beginning of the survey she had a weight of 42 kg with height 162 cm, GFR-EPI – 59,3 ml/min. and reduced size of the kidneys (87х39 mm right and left 89х41 mm). The authors applied the tactics of gradual reduction of furosemide dosage, switched to torasemid and ramipril prescription. To 6 month follow-up, the patient resumed the renal function and does not depend on receiving diuretics.


надвисокі дози фуросеміду; схуднення; порушення функції нирок при застосуванні сечогінних

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