ISPD guidelines for peritoneal dialysis in acute kidney injury: 2020 Update (paediatrics)

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Peter Nourse
Brett Cullis
Fredrick Finkelstein
Alp Numanoglu
Bradley Warady
Sampson Antwi
Mignon McCulloch


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Nourse, P., B. Cullis, F. Finkelstein, A. Numanoglu, B. Warady, S. Antwi, and M. McCulloch. “ISPD Guidelines for Peritoneal Dialysis in Acute Kidney Injury: 2020 Update (paediatrics)”. KIDNEYS, vol. 10, no. 3, Sept. 2021, pp. 176-8, doi:10.22141/2307-1257.10.3.2021.239597.