Accounting, treatment access for patients with stage III–V chronic kidney disease and acute renal failure: analysis and assessment


  • L.A. Pyrih Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kyiv, Ukraine



chronic kidney disease, chronic, acute renal failure, epidemiology, renal replacement therapy, effectiveness


The article deals with the analysis of the document “National Registry of Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease and Patients with Acute Kidney Injury”. The article presents the characteristics of the epidemiological parameters of patients with chronic kidney disease III–V grade, acute renal failure; group analysis, methods of treatment of patients of these categories with an assessment of effectiveness. These data are given by regions of Ukraine, nosological forms of nephrological diseases and are correlated to the population of Ukraine. The analysis of indicators demonstrates the gaps in the diagnosis, insufficient accounting of morbidity, multidirectional indicators, which in general does not characterize the state of nephrological service in Ukraine from a positive side. The bed capacity, the number of specialists providing cure to nephrological patients were analyzed. The author’s personal experience and deep analysis allow expressing critical and constructive comments on the state of nephrological service in Ukraine.





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