Immunoprophylaxis of recurrent urinary tract infections

D.D. Ivanov


Recurrent urinary tract infections are an important issue in modern medicine. There are 2 main groups among recurrent infections: the first, occurring against the background of abnormal development of the urinary organs, and the second, recurring for no apparent reason. Repeated courses of antibiotic therapy, as a rule, are not accompanied by sanitation of the urinary tract in recurrent urinary tract infections. This paper presents a treatment scheme for practical health care physicians, demonstrating the advantages of an integrated approach, which is based on drug immunoprophylaxis with Urivac against the background of preventive therapy with Macmiror and her­bal medicinal products (Uropak-36). A speci­fic sequence and combination of drugs is given, the duration of administration is indicated, and the immunological expediency of the presented approach is disclosed. This article is intended for practitioners engaged in the treatment of recurrent urinary tract infections.


recurrent urinary tract infections; immunoprophylaxis of recurrent urinary tract infections; Urivac; Macmiror; Uropak-36

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