Hypoxia-inducible factor for the treatment of anemia in chronic kidney disease

O.O. Melnyk


Studies in the field of oxygen-dependent regulation of erythropoiesis provided new data on the pathogenesis of anemia associated with chronic kidney disease, which led to the development of therapeutic agents for treatment. A new class of agents for the treatment of anemia in chronic kidney disease are prolyl hydroxylase inhibitors, which stabilize hypoxia-inducible factor that is the key regulator of erythropoiesis and iron metabolism. Currently, drugs such as roxadustat (FG-4592), vadadustat (AKB-6548), daprodustat (GSK1278863) are undergoing phase III clinical trials, and molidustat (BAY 85-3934) — phase II.


anemia; chronic kidney disease; hypoxia-inducible factor; prolyl hydroxylase inhibitor; roxadustat; vadadustat; daprodustat; molidustat; review

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