Hyperuricemia and prognosis in chronic kidney disease

D.D. Ivanov, L.M. Savitska, Z.V. Babaenko


The ratio of uricemia, magnesia, quality of life and functional reserve of the kidneys in CKD has not been completely determined yet. These rates were analysed in 145 patients, depending on the CKD 1–5 stages. The dynamics in hyperuricemia, magnesia, uricemia and BP was established to have an inverse correlation and form the quality of life in patients with CKD 5th stage. Conversely, uricemia positively correlates with blood pressure and functional renal reserve in CKD 1–3 stages. Patients with hyperuricemia and CKD 1–5 stages have a high quality of life and greater renal reserve than patients with normouricemia, but at the same time they have increased risk for developing cardiovascular and metabolic disorders. Further accumulation of data and their analysis are needed for practical recommendations, in particular the rational of the use of allopurinol, febuxostat, Мagnerot, depending on the degree of uricemia, magnesia, and CKD stage


hyperuricemia and chronic kidney disease; gout and chronic kidney disease; quality of life in patients with chronic kidney disease; Magnerot; magnesemia in chronic kidney disease


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